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World at War
30. Aug. 10 English
H5 - Tribes of the East Mittel (M) + U
2/5 + Team 2768
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30. Aug. 10
These lands have had a long history of war. The five kingdoms inhabiting the lands were always evenly matched and this stoped them from extinguishing each other. This all changed when the Necromancer Deirdre, with the help of the dragons, discovered the evil arts of mind control.She ruled for the past five centuries by controling the people of the four other kingdoms.
The wizards of the green kingdom where the first to break free and seeing that they needed an ally, they started fighting Deirdres control over you. It was not easy. Deirdre was prepaird this time and they had to use all the aincent spell thought by the titans to make you immune, but in the end they succeeded. It left them in a state to fatigued to defend from her horrible revange. She cast a spell so strong it fried their central nevous system. It was a wonder they even suvived. When they woke up, they where not able to remember you and when your people tried to apoach them a fireball incinerated them. But many years has past since that now and you know not what happend to them. All you know is that you have to face Deirdre alone. - v3.0 - © 2000-2022 Gunnar Grimm - Alle Rechte vorbehalten
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