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Mire Road
09. Jul. 13 English
H4 - Winds of War Extragross (XL) + U
6/6 3635
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Susi Sorglos
11. Jul. 13
Thx for your Solution. I try it, and suddenly it works at the first try :-) Sounds funny, but it is. Now I´ve begone with the blue Party as nature.
10. Jul. 13
Hi Susi,

you are right, I am very aware of that problem. But the bad news is that I don't have a solution for it. I have tested the map many many times and tried to solve the problem by changing things in the map, but I didn't find this one thing causing this error to appear.

The only thing you can do is: Be patient and try to start the map over and over again until it works. Maybe you only need one try, maybe you need ten, but in the end it will work :-)
Sorry for that really, but I can't fix that for now. Just try until the map starts properly.

Have fun!
Susi Sorglos
09. Jul. 13
I have problems with this map. If I want to start the map, I became a message who told that there was an error in the file. I´ve looked in the editor, but I can´t found anything. It´s pity, because the landscape looks very nice. :(
Can you proof it, please.
14. Jun. 13
after completing my first map "Mahlstrom" (also in the map archive) 3 years ago, I've now worked on this XL map for everyone who likes to play heroes 4 with friends or solely against computer enemies. I created this map specifically for Hot Seat mode, because this is what I like the most, but you can play it in any other Mode if you want.

Map descrpition: "There's an ancient road leading through the mire, from east to west. Built ages ago by a long forgotten empire, it is ever since bewildered. However, resourceful adventurers still can find a way through the misty bog to explore the vast lands and treasures lying beyond it. Six Kingdoms are at war to conquer these lands. Chose your side wisely and defeat your enemies!"

Have Fun!

PS: an alle deutschen Spieler: Es sind keine Englischkenntnisse nötig, um die Map zu spielen ;) - v3.0 - © 2000-2023 Gunnar Grimm - Alle Rechte vorbehalten
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